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Work in Canada: Top Tips to Find An Internship in Canada 2022

An Insider’s Look at How International Students Can Find an Internship in Canada.

Is it true that you’re an international graduate looking for an internship in Canada, but you’re lacking in experience? Choosing the right internship can have a significant impact on your ability to start your career successfully.

When you don’t have a lot of professional experience, though, keeping track of your internship position can be difficult. Yes, an internship in Canada is doable; it’s like winning the lottery! A Canadian internship will not only provide you with a competitive advantage over other candidates, but it will also open many doors in the outside world for your future career.

Let’s look at some helpful hints for landing an internship as a fresher.

Tip #1: Begin your search early.

Due to the time, it takes to hire individuals and get a work permit to complete an internship in Canada, finding an internship in Canada is a time-consuming procedure. As a result, it is usually advisable to begin the internship search early in order to hit the target. Begin your search at least 5 months ahead of time, as your visa will take 8-11 weeks to process. If your college requires you to begin your internship in October, begin looking for opportunities as early as February.

Tip #2: Pay attention to the format of your CV.

The finest weapon you have to land your preferred internship is a fantastic CV or resume, as it is known in Canada. The CV formats differ from country to country. There are special elements to note when preparing your CV in Canada as well. The following items are suggested:

  • In Canada, the term “CV” is not used. So, in Canada, always remember to use the term “Resume.”
  • Your resume should be short and to the point. It should be no more than two pages long. It should be sturdy and include your main selling features.
  • It is not encouraged to include photos or other personal information such as date of birth, age, gender, marital status, and so on.
  • Include a professional email address with your first and last names.
  • Begin with the most recent experience and work your way backward in time.
  • Primary school should not be included, but high school should be if there are some remarkable accomplishments. Otherwise, begin your university program right away.

Any remote internship should be listed as well.

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Tip #3: Assign a value to each of your abilities.

Are you wondering how you’ll get an internship if you have no prior experience? So, let us be clear: prior experience does not imply success.

  • Concentrate on your abilities and previous voluntary work.
  • Explain your prior duties and responsibilities in as much detail as feasible.
  • You can also share your experience from your family’s business.
  • Employers in Canada place a higher value on your skills than you do!

Tip #4: Thoroughly prepare for the interview.

To feel more confident and prepared for your interview, do some study on your organization and job role ahead of time! Many organizations are allowing their staff to work remotely due to lockdown.

Also, to demonstrate your interest in the organization, you should prepare some questions to ask at the end of the interview. Some things to consider include the number of people you will engage with, whom you will report to, which talents you will build, what problems you will confront, the company’s position in the next five years, and so on.

Tip #5: Include internships in other industries on your bucket list.

If you don’t have any prior work experience, we recommend looking for positions in multiple industries. It’s critical to keep your eyes peeled for ways to increase your abilities. Transferring skills from one industry to another is possible.

Look for internships that will allow you to expand your knowledge and abilities the most. Following that, you can use these skills to advance in your chosen field. Finance, marketing, and engineering are some of the several industries that are concentrated in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary.

As a business management student, you should concentrate your research efforts on the following areas: analytical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and creative thinking. By submitting applications to a variety of businesses, you can greatly increase your chances of landing an internship in Canada.

We hope you found these tips to be straightforward.


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