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How to get an upgrade on a flight

When we think of airline flight upgrades, we often think about the feeling of being upgraded to a business or first class seat, with all the amenities that entails. While that is certainly a nice perk, for many people, it is not the only benefit of upgrading.

More and more frequent flyer programs are including upgrades as a benefit of their frequent flyers program, and for those of us who are not fortunate enough to be part of the elite, it is certainly a benefit that can make a big difference to your travel experience.

By upgrading, you not only get to enjoy extra legroom, more comfortable seats, and the service of a flight attendant, but you also have access to priority check-in, boarding, and baggage claim. Plus, if you are an elite member, you have access to the lounge, which is often where you will find a decent meal and other amenities.

Take these tips and tricks to the next level and get an upgrade on your next flight.

How to get an upgrade on a flight

How to get an upgrade on a flight

Put on your best outfit.

While it may be appealing to dress comfortably for a trip by donning a pair of tracksuit bottoms and an old t-shirt, it won’t help your cause if you appear to have just gotten out of bed if you’re trying to get an upgrade. Dress formally and presentably; choosing attire appropriate for business class increases your chances of receiving an upgrade.

Be friendly and cheerful.

Airports are hectic settings with a lot of tense people looking for someone to vent their anger on. Being calm, kind, and friendly will help you gain additional brownie points with airline workers, who are often the target of people’s ire. This could put you at the top of their list for an upgrade.

Just request an upgrade

Why not give it a try? Asking is one of the simplest strategies for getting an upgrade. The worst thing that can occur is hearing “no.” Be careful to follow the two suggestions above – be nice and dress well – and you might be lucky enough to acquire some additional leeway at the emergency exit row, or even into business class. Some airlines declare they refuse anyone who demands an upgrade. Try it; it won’t harm you!

Inform them if it’s a special event.

It’s one thing to request an upgrade, but it’s even better to provide justification. The words “it’s our honeymoon” are the epitome of upgrading! The airline staff is more likely to be understanding if you explain why you would like an upgrade, such as a particular occasion you are commemorating. You might get a complimentary meal or drink of champagne at the very least.

Of course, they’ve heard it all before and are probably able to distinguish between a sincere couple leaving on a romantic holiday after their wedding and liars. Be sincere, and if you are truly celebrating, express it.

Sign up for a flight loyalty program.

Airlines frequently offer special rates, which may include upgrades, even if you don’t fly frequently, and they’re more likely to reward a repeat client.

Examine your seat to see if there are any issues.

Table tray stuck? No in-flight TV service? Why won’t my seatbelt buckle? If you want an upgrade, that can come in handy. Inform a flight attendant if anything isn’t functioning properly. Passengers who are allocated broken seats are typically moved, and if the plane is full, the new seat might only be in business or first class.

Avoid excessive drinking before your travel.

It should go without saying, but even while it may be alluring to indulge in a few celebration cocktails at the airport bar before your vacation if you’re drunk when boarding your flight, not only are you essentially assured of not obtaining an upgrade, you might even be denied entry! No matter where you are seated, always use caution when drinking; flight attendants do not want to deal with passengers who are intoxicated.

Offer your spot on a later flight.

If your flight is overbooked and you don’t have a time-sensitive matter to attend to, volunteer to transfer to the following flight. The airline employees will be appreciative of your smooth flight swap, and you might even get lucky and receive an upgrade on the following flight as payment.

Depend on luck

In the end, flight upgrades are quite uncommon, and each airline is different and has a separate set of guidelines for how they handle them. Unfortunately, you’ll also need a lot of luck, but hopefully, these pointers can help you turn the tables on lady luck.

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