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Tips for traveling as a vegan

Traveling as a vegan can be a challenging task, but you’ll find there are a lot of resources out there that will help you. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best tips for traveling as a vegan below.

7 Tips for traveling as a vegan

Tips for traveling as a vegan

Prepare your own meals: Even if your destination or method of transportation (like your airline) promises vegan food, do yourself a favor and bring snacks in case something goes wrong. Even if eating vegan is becoming more popular, it’s still best to prepare and plan ahead. Veggie sticks with dip, dried fruit, trail mix, bars, nuts, etc. are all excellent options for a quick snack at the airport or while traveling.

Always do your investigation before traveling: Find all the nearby vegan and vegan-friendly establishments using the apps from the play store or Apple store. Prepare to be happily surprised by the numerous hidden gems you’ll uncover.

Make your hosts aware: Always let your friends or family members know in advance about your food preferences if you intend to stay with them. This will spare them the bother of preparing items based on animals that you won’t eat, and it might even pique their interest in pursuing a vegan lifestyle. Other people will typically be respectful and cool about it if you are.

When flying, make a reservation: Call the airline at least 72 hours before your travel to ask about vegan options on particularly long flights.

Be original when dining: Although plant-based eateries are the perfect option to seek out, let’s face it: They aren’t available everywhere (yet). Get inventive if you’re in a restaurant without many vegan options. Rice, potatoes, guacamole, and more vegetables can be used in place of the meat in sandwiches.  Place an order for spaghetti with marinara sauce or grilled vegetables with a drizzle of olive oil.

Additionally, nowadays, practically everything offers veggie burgers and fries. Don’t worry if you can’t confirm with absolute certainty whether the pasta or bun you’re ordering contains eggs. Purity is not the issue here. It involves making every effort to reduce discomfort.

Offer to prepare dinner one night: I enjoy taking at least one night when I’m visiting family to prepare a delectable vegan dinner for them. They don’t have to cook for a night, and I get to demonstrate how simple it is to prepare a vegan meal, so it’s a win-win situation!

Stock up on necessary cruelty-free items: Yes, saving animals extends beyond just what we eat. Keep your toiletries close at hand. There is a wide variety of non-animal tested travel-sized products available at health food retailers like Whole Foods. Alternately, you may simply use what you already have at home to fill empty containers.

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