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The Ultimate Checklist for Getting a Canada Tourist Visa in 2022

Obtaining a Tourist Visa for Canada is a dream come true! However, Canada’s Travel Minister has set certain travel restrictions as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Even though they have Visas and Eta’s (electronic travel authorizations), people are unable to come to Canada. Applying for and securing a Tourist Visa in Canada might be nerve-wracking due to increased processing delays!

Now comes the subject of how you’ll find out whether your Canadian Tourist Visa has been approved or not. So, here’s your response. If you’re applying online, all you have to do is log in with your correct login credentials and check the progress of your application. If your Visa is approved, you will also receive an email confirmation.

However, if you apply offline, that is, by mail, you must wait until you have your passport back. When you receive your passport, open it and look inside for an approval stamp. If you see a stamp, it implies your Visa has been approved, and you can now go to Canada with ease. But if your application is refused, then you probably have to try applying again. The reasons for refusal could be as a result of fake or incomplete documents, missing information or fees e.t.c.

The immigration officials will have only one question in the back of their minds when it comes to the Tourist Visa in Canada: if this individual would return to their home country within the stipulated time or not, as many tourists linger in Canada after their visas expire.

What should your cover letter for your Canada visa application look like?

The following items should be included in your cover letter:

  • Purpose of your trip;
  • Proof of finances;
  • Source(s) of income;
  • Any sponsor and your specific relationship with that sponsor;
  • Reason for choosing Canada;
  • Reasons for incomplete paperwork;
  • List of other documents included;
  • Overview of flight itinerary, flight timetable, and your planned activities in Canada;
  • Your plans to return to your home country

The affirmative points which give weight to your application are:

  • Your place of residence political stability;
  • you have an offer letter in hand;
  • you possess a registered business;
  • you are in good financial standing;
  • you have previously visited Canada;
  • you own property in your home country; and
  • you have PR or citizenship in Canada.

A few negative points can be you may have a low financial situation, have remained unlawfully in any nation, are single and poor, have no previous travel record, no property, have been denied a visa by any country, are visiting a spouse or fiancé, or have been listed in FOSS for violating any law.

What are the various reasons for your Tourist Visa being denied?

  • Unknown reason for visit;
  • No proof of funding available;
  • Documents that are either fake or incomplete;
  • An unemployed applicant with insufficient funds to sustain his or her stay;
  • There are no significant family relationships;
  • There are no travel records.
  • Previous history of illegal stay in Canada;
  • The applicant has no legal status in his or her own country;
  • Failure to understand Canadian visitor visa rules.

OTHER RELATED FAQ’S Tourist Visa Canada

  1. Is there an interview for a tourist visa to Canada?

There is no need for an interview. Your eligibility will be determined by your original and comprehensive documentation as well as your availability. When applying for a visa, you can submit the appropriate documents to the embassy.

  1. What is the duration of a tourist visa in Canada?

6 month period

You are permitted to stay in Canada for a period of six months. The officer at the port of entry may authorize you to stay for less than or more than 6 months.

  1. What is the minimum amount of money required to apply for a tourist visa in Canada?

For a single person, the price is $78. An individual residing in Canada requires $886 a month for his monthly expenses, while a single person visiting as a tourist will require $1435 for a 30-day stay.

  1. What happens if my tourist visa application is turned down?

You can reapply for a tourist visa if your first application is rejected. You will be sent a paper that explains why you were rejected.

  1. How can you show you’ll depart Canada in the time allotted?

A police certificate may be required as proof. You should be in good health and willing to undertake medical examinations if necessary. You must also persuade the immigration official at the port of entry that you will depart Canada within the time frame specified.

  1. Is it necessary to have a travel history in order to obtain a tourist visa in Canada?

Although an excellent travel history can improve your chances of getting a visa, it is not a necessary or required document.

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